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I am currently a Quality Engineer @adahealth, where I work across the Medical Platform group, working alongside Software Engineers, AI Scientists and Medical Knowledge Engineers.

I started my adventure into software testing and exploring quality ten years ago in 2012. In this time I have developed a keen sense of what quality means to me, and reflected on my various roles.

I have worked in a range of domains, across Enterprise Virtualisation, Consultancy, Racing and Betting and now Health Technology. Demonstrating skills in various technologies hosted on platforms including bare metal and virtualisation up to enterprise solutions to modern cloud infrastructure.

I’ve worked on modern NodeJS micro-services running high performance event driven architectures. mobile and web apps, backend APIs and AI powered libraries.

I use a combination of test analysis, automation and tool building and collaborative exploratory testing to support teams to build better software.

I support the testing community, advocating for software testing, and celebrated those in the community via Tester of The Day.


My portfolio is work in progress, at this time it is a good landing page to my various projects and social media presence. Over time I will develop it further.


Tester of The Day

The daily celebration of the software testing community, started in 2020 has gone from strength to strength.

Testers Hall of Fame

How to nominate someone for Tester of The Day.


I have appeared as a guest on a number of podcasts, panel discussions and YouTube.

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I am especially active on Twitter, and occasionally check LinkedIn.