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Today I had the immense honour of co-hosting the LinkedIn audio event, This Week in Testing, with the most excellent Community Boss, Simon Tomes.

I really enjoyed co-hosting. I’ve been on panels, I’ve presented, and I’ve facilitated and hosted a bunch of work meetings, but this is my first time co-hosting a community event with the Ministry of Testing, turns out I love it.

Getting the opportunity to encourage conversations and support others to come and have their say, while also getting to throw in my own stories here and there, it’s pretty addictive, and I’m already wondering when I might be able to do it again.

I found out recently that one of my team members really dislikes facilitating or hosting events, especially outside of our team. He actively dislikes it and avoids it. Reflecting on this, I realised that it’s something I’ve grown very comfortable with, and I’ve had a bunch of positive feedback for sessions I facilitate.

Over all, hosting is great, would recommend. Especially if you get to co-host with Simon!

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