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Who is Ben Dowen, The Full Snack Tester?

Find out a bit more about Ben Dowen, the Full Snack Tester.

Celebrating the Community of Software Testing

I celebrate those who contribute to the craft and community of software testing. I encourage a collaborative, whole team approach to testing and strongly believe everyone involved in building software should contribute to testing it.

One of the ways I do this, is by running Tester of The Day, a regular celebration of people who contribute to the craft and community of Software Testing. You don’t need to be in a testing role to win Tester of The Day! Indeed many winners in the hall of fame hold roles in development and product areas.

You can find out more about Software Testing communities here.

Technical, full stack, background

I have a technical background, built up throughout my career that enables me to test systems at many different levels. I explore systems from the infrastructure, where software lives, backend services, APIs, and persistence layers (database), right the way up to where users interact with the end product.

You can read more about my thoughts about how this applies to test automation in my post Anatomy of test automation.

System and team boundaries

In my experience, I find the most impactful bugs are typically found at system and team boundaries. I find the integrations and hand offs are prone to miscommunication, and unnecessary friction.

I believe strongly that building software is a team sport, and experienced software quality and testing practitioners can play a very valuable role as they contribute to a teams overall success in shipping great software.

Thoughts on Software Quality

I understand quality as the combination of usefulness, goodness and correctness, observed from a perspective at a point in time. I also find the definition of quality as the absence of unnecessary friction useful, although I’m yet to combine these two definitions.

Find out more about what quality means to me here.

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