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Tester of The Day Winner

So, you’ve just found out you’ve won #TesterOfTheDay? Congratulations!

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich: https://www.pexels.com/photo/golden-statuette-and-stars-on-yellow-background-6532373/

What does it mean?

It means someone has recognised your contribution to the world of Software Testing. This may have been because of work you did to help the person who nominated you directly, their team or your contributions to the software testing community. Whatever you did, thank you!

Your win will have been announced on Twitter and LinkedIn using the hashtag #TesterOfTheDay. On Twitter these are re-tweeted by @TesterOfTheDay bot.

You will also be entered into the Testing Hall of Fame website, at https://www.testeroftheday.com/.

What do do next?

Bask in the glory of victory! After that there are two excellent, and optional things you can do!

  1. Complete this form, to take part in the Winners Interviews series. If you do so, your interview will appear on https://interviews.testeroftheday.com/, alongside interviews with other winners.
  2. Next, if you know another excellent human being who deserves to win, nominate them! Simply fill out this form, or find out more here.

Not won yet?

Sounds great being a winner for Tester of The Day! and it is!

Not had your chance to shine yet? Fear not, the best way to win is by letting those you work with, in your team, your company or in your testing community how to make a nomination. Then do awesome stuff, and hope they take the hint. You can even go one step further, and nominate them first, they make share the love and nominate you right back!

You must know how to nominate someone by now? right if not, see this post: https://www.dowen.me.uk/posts/how-to-nominate-someone-for-testeroftheday/

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