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Why I'm excited for TestBash World

I’m getting really excited now for TestBash World! Let me tell you why.

What is TestBash World?

A free online Software Testing conference, that will go for 24 full hours run by The Ministry of Testing, TestBash World is set to be, huge!

When? June 22nd 22:00 BST (GMT+1) for 24 hours

Where? Online, go sign up now it’s free:


TestBash online events are awesome

I’ve been two some previous TestBash events online, such as TestBash Home 2020 and 2021 and recently TestBash Careers. They are packed full of excellent talks, a mix of new speakers and famous names.

Most importantly, the atmosfear in the chat running alongside really makes it a nice place to be while you lean. Talks are recorded, and get made available a week or two after the events. But the real magic is watching live, if you can!

Great line-up

There are some many great sessions in the 24 hour line up!

I’m really looking forward to the event kicking off with the amazing Melissa Fisher with a talk titled “Using Brain Science to Build Better Products”.

Other topics early in the line-up include Francis Ho on Whole Team Owning Quality and #TesterOfTheDay winner, Brittany Stewart on Shifting Left.

I’m taking part!

As well as looking forward to attending TestBash Home, I’m also volunteering for the first few hours of the day. I’ll be posting relevant links into the chat, and copying questions over to The Club.

I’m also taking part in a panel discussion on how to get more involved with the MoT Community. I’m super excited for this session, lead by Bart Knaack I will be discussing alongside two amazing humans, Louise Gibbs and Karen Todd!

You can get on stage, for 99 seconds

If you’ve ever been to a TestBash event, you will know about the famous 99 second talks. Your chance to get up on stage, and talk about any topic you like for 99 seconds.

I’ve done 99s talks at a few TestBash online events, and I love it. I cannot recommend it enough. So start thinking now, what will you talk about?

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