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Where to start bringing automation into your team

Krystina Prendergast asked on Twitter:

You advocated to have automation added to your test team… and somehow got it approved with no idea what framework or tools you want to use, let alone an automation strategy. What is the first step you take?

And this was my response:

1. Set a foundation

If you haven’t already, go take this free course, Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation

2. Identify the problem

Identify the problem you want to solve with automation, I’m thinking:

  • What risks, to what important functionality do you want to cover first?
  • Where do you want to see improvements? Time to release? More coverage per build?
  • Testability / support exploration?

3. Design a small experiment

Design the smallest possible experiment that has a chance of giving you something useful. Nothing motivates better then results!

Maybe write one small test, and experiment how to get it running, progressively more usefully.

  • Locally, your machine
  • Locally, anyone in the team
  • In a shared environment, part of a CI pipeline

Header Photo by Tara Winstead

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